4th Grade Place Value Bundle - Digital & Printable

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Want to make place value hands-on? Are you looking for interactive ways to teach various place value skills with your students?  This digital & printable chart and activities bundle is jam-packed with resources to teach and review place value and numbers in base ten.  Whether you're teaching with technology in the classroom or virtually from home, this resource will help your students interact with numbers and gain a better understanding of their place value all year long!

They’re low-prep, easy to assign to a sub, and contain engaging activities using Google Slides.  They’re perfect for teacher-led instruction, student-led practice, intervention, or grab-and-go centers.

You’ll love how adaptable this resource is!  With both a printable and digital version at your fingertips, you have options!  Students can use the large chart on a wall, bulletin board, or white board in conjunction with individual student charts for those at their seats (great inside of a dry erase pocket).  It’s easy to customize to any length in order to fit the place values or skills that you’re teaching (whole numbers or decimals).  

You can also pull one of the place value chart variations up on a Smartboard and allow students to have their own digital copy in Google Slides on a device. There are multiple versions of the digital chart with various place value lengths, so you can provide differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all learners. 

Skills Covered

  • 4.NBT.1 Place Value
  • 4.NBT.2 Reading, Writing, and Comparing Whole Numbers
  • 4.NBT.3 Rounding Whole Numbers
  • 4.NBT.4 Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers
  • 4.NBT.5 Multiplying Whole Numbers
  • 4.NBT.6 Dividing Whole Numbers

Use this resource during an observation (others have!) to show how your students are able to go beyond worksheets and get hands-on and interactive with place value.

Standards 4.NBT.1, 4.NBT.2, 4.NBT.3, 4.NBT.4, 4.NBT.5, 4.NBT.6

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How Can You Use This?

Introduce basic place value skills with the teacher-led activity; provide your students with their own place value chart (I suggest using them inside a dry erase pocket) and recording sheet.  If you’re using the digital version, assign them their own copy of the slides activity in Google Classroom.  

As students become familiar with each skill and activity, you can utilize the student-led copies (or digital slides) and have them review with a partner - perfect for classwork, centers, or small group intervention.

As you progress to more complex skills, use a double chart to show how to compare numbers by finding the greatest place value where the digits in the two numbers differ.  As students become familiar with each skill and activity, you can utilize the student-led copies (or digital slides) and have them review with a partner - perfect for classwork, centers, or small group intervention.

Face-to-Face Instruction (in the classroom)

If you are conducting a whole group or small group lesson, have students take turns creating their numbers on a large interactive smartboard. As a student works on the smartboard, other students can work on their own devices at their seat.

Digital Instruction

If you are teaching remotely/virtually outside of the classroom, this activity can be done:

- live in whole group or small groups during a Zoom Meeting or Google Meet

  • Assign the slides to each student in the class and have them pull their copy up on their device. You can pop into their slides to check their progress as they work.

As an Assignment

  • Create an assignment in Google Classroom (or any other compatible platforms that work with Slides) and have students complete the activity and turn it in.

What You Get

Interactive Place Value Chart

  • Pieces to assemble a large interactive place value chart (place values tenths to hundred billions to be printed on half-sheets with printable digits 0-9 to be placed on top of them, decimal points and commas,  powers of 10 cards to display under each place value, letters for the “place value” title, arrows with x10, ÷10, and x1/10, cards saying “Number A” and “Number B”, and arrows with the terms whole numbers and parts of a whole to display under the place value chart (on either side of the decimal point).  
  • Individual charts for student use - single, double, and triple charts with and without the place value names, as well as double place value charts with an area to create a comparison between Number A and Number B.  (Whole number variations ranging from the ones place to the hundred billions and decimal variations ranging from thousandths to hundred billions - all variations in between).

Digital Place Value Chart

You will receive the following place value variations:

  • hundred millions to thousandths
  • millions to thousandths
  • hundred thousands to thousandths
  • hundred millions to ones
  • millions to ones
  • hundred thousands to ones
  • thousands to ones

Each of the place value charts listed above comes in the following formats:

  • single place value chart with x10, ÷10 and x1/10 symbols
  • double place value chart with x10, ÷10 and x1/10 symbols
  • single place value chart without x10, ÷10 and x1/10 symbols
  • double place value chart without x10, ÷10 and x1/10 symbols
  • double place value chart with comparison option

5-7 Sets of Activities:

  • 4.NBT.1 Place Value
  • 4.NBT.2 Reading and Writing Whole Numbers
  • 4.NBT.2 Comparing Whole Numbers
  • 4.NBT.3 Rounding 
  • 4.NBT.4 Addition and Subtraction
  • 4.NBT.5 Multiplication (*Printable version only*)
  • 4.NBT.6 Division (*Printable version only*)

3 Printable Place Value Charts (single, double, triple)

Each Set of Printable Activities Includes:

  • Teacher Directions Page
  • Student Directions Page
  • 1-3 Teacher-Led Activities
  • 1-3 Student-Led Activities
  • Student Recording Sheets

Each Set of Digital Activities Includes:

  • 3-6 Google Slides Activities


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I highly recommend purchasing this resource! It was aligned, accessible, and enjoyable for my students. I used it during our place value unit and kept the activities in our center rotation year round! Excellent resource  - Sarah A.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Likely my favorite TPT resource I have ever purchased. I love the hands-on approach to place value. I leave the chart up the whole year and my students reference it daily. The ability for them to move the numbers, decimals etc around has helped them to understand more concretely. Great resource, helpful and very engaging!!!  - Teaching On Point

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This was such a lifesaver, because we started off the year with two weeks of virtual learning before going face to face and our first math unit was place value. I used these for whole group instruction and centers, and it worked awesome in both places!  - Miss Bruce

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