Order of Operations with Grouping Symbols Resource Pack - Printable

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Teach your students how to use the order of operations to evaluate expressions that contain grouping symbols.  3 mini-lessons are included to introduce each grouping symbol, one at a time:  parentheses, brackets, and braces.  This comprehensive printable resource pack provides everything you need to teach the Order of Operations.

You can use each mini-lesson to slowly introduce order of operations with grouping symbols to your students. It begins with parentheses, then adds brackets, and then finally braces.

Notes pages are included to help your students slowly go through the steps, adding one grouping symbol at a time. Each step of added grouping symbols comes with practice pages, homework, morning work, and exit tickets.

This resource is complete, concise, and straightforward with a clear format.  It is low-prep and easy to assign to a sub.  If your students are struggling with the order of operations, specifically using grouping symbols, this resource is for you! 

Standard:   5.OA.1

This resource is also part of my 5th Grade Math Year-Long Curriculum Bundle.

Download the preview file to see more details.

How Can You Use This?

Introduce each skill with the detailed set of notes and sample problems.  I suggest doing this in a whole group setting and pulling the PDF up on a Smartboard so students can annotate over the models.

Gradually release students to practice independently using the practice pages.  Check for understanding and mastery after teaching each skill using the exit tickets.

Morning work and homework pages have also been provided, but these can be used as additional classwork if needed.

When all skills have been taught, assess with the final quiz when you feel students are ready.

What You Get

The Mini-Lessons Included:  

  • Order of Operations with Parentheses ( )
  • Order of Operations with Brackets [ ]
  • Order of Operations with Parentheses { }

What You’ll Get in Each Mini-lesson:  

  • Detailed Notes
  • Practice
  • Morning Work
  • Homework
  • 2 Exit Tickets

You’ll Also Get:  

  • Quiz

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