Back to School Math Activities {5th Grade}

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This resource contains several back-to-school activities for 5th graders at the beginning of the year.

The standards and skills that are required for these activities are from 4th grade in order to refresh their memories of what they learned last year.

This can also be used to pre-assess their mastery of these skills in order to determine if review is necessary before beginning the 5th grade standards.

What You Get

Calculating Costs

  • Add and multiply whole #s. (4.NBT.4 and 4.NBT.5 - No division)

Word Problems

  • Add subtract, and multiply whole #s (4.NBT.4)

Expanded Form

  • Students use their answers to “Calculating Costs” to practice writing whole #s in expanded form (4.NBT.2)

Fraction Line Plot

  • 4.MD.4. Students complete a line plot with a given set of data and must answer questions about the data

Task Card Set #1

  • Students use task cards to practice rounding and comparing whole #s (4.NBT.2), as well as rounding them (4.NBT.3), identifying prime and composite (4.OA.4), and finding lines of symmetry (4.G.3).

Task Card Set #2

  • Students practice multiplication and division of whole numbers. (4.NBT.5 and 5.NBT.6)

Task Card Set #3

  • Students use task cards to identify angles (4.G.1), measure angles with a given protractor (4.MD.6), find area/perimeter (4.MD.3), and convert measurement (4.MD.1 and 4.MD.2)

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