Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers {Digital}

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Use the standard algorithm to quickly and effectively teach your students how to add and subtract mixed numbers with unlike denominators as well as like denominators using this comprehensive digital resource pack.

This resource is complete, concise, and easy to follow with a clear format.  It is low-prep and easy to assign to a sub.  If your students are struggling with fraction operations, this resource is for you!

It is intended for 5th grade, but includes two mini-lessons with like denominators in case your students need a review from 4th grade.  It can also be used in a 4th grade math class in which the lessons with unlike denominators can be used for differentiation.

Standards:  5.NF.1, 5.NF.2

Download the preview file to see more details.

This resource is also part of my 5th Grade Math Year-Long Curriculum Bundle.

How Can You Use This? 

Introduce each skill with the detailed set of notes and sample problems in Google Slides.  I suggest doing this in a whole group setting and pulling the slides up on a Smartboard if you’re in person or share the screen online if you’re teaching virtually.  

Gradually release students to practice independently using the practice slides.  Check for understanding and mastery after teaching each skill using the exit tickets.

When all skills have been taught, provide additional practice and review using the set of task cards, then assess with the final quiz when you feel students are ready.

What You Get

The Mini-Lessons Included:  

  • Fraction Notes Pages for Finding the Least Common Multiple, Simplifying Fractions, and Converting Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers 
  • Adding Mixed Numbers with Like Denominators
  • Subtracting Mixed Numbers with Like Denominators
  • Adding Mixed Numbers with Unlike Denominators
  • Subtracting Mixed Numbers with Unlike Denominators (without Renaming)
  • Subtracting Mixed Numbers with Unlike Denominators (with Renaming)

What You’ll Get in EACH of the mini-lessons:  

  • Detailed Notes  (Google Slides)
  • Sample Problems  (Google Slides)
  • 2 practice pages   (Google Slides)
  • 2 Exit Tickets  (Google Forms)

You’ll Also Get:  

  • Task Cards (16) -   (Google Forms)
  • Quiz   (Google Forms)



⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I absolutely love this. My students really like it also. They love the step-by-step process you have on the assignments. The only part that I wish you had would be lessons on adding and subtracting mixed numbers as improper fractions, as like denominators and unlike denominators. Otherwise, everything else is great!  - Kristen G.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Great resource for remote learning.  The templates helped guide students through a very difficult topic.  I cannot wait to use this resource further during in-person learning.  - Natalie C.

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