5th Grade ELA Test Prep Pack {Digital AND Printable}

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This pack contains 20 digital and printable pages of mixed reviews of all the Common Core Standards and Georgia Standards of Excellence for Language.

Use it
  • to prepare for state standardized testing such as Georgia Milestones, PARCC, etc.
  • as a spiral review or as morning work, exit slips, or test prep after all standards have been taught.
Some of the topics included: interpreting idioms, adages/proverbs, using commas, punctuating titles, identifying misspelled words, rewriting sentences in various verb tenses, identifying perfect tense verbs, etc.

Standards included:
5.L.1, 5.L.1a, 5.L.1b, 5.L.1c, 5.L.1d, 5.L.1e
5.L.2, 5.L.2a, 5.L.2b, 5.L.2c, 5.L.2d, 5.L.2e
5.L.3, 5.L.3a, 5.L.3b
5.L.4, 5.L.4a, 5.L.4b, 5.L.4c
5.L.5, 5.L.5a, 5.L.5b, 5.L.5c

What You Get

  • 20 page of mixed review (6 problems on each)
  • Answer Keys
  • Mastery Tracker
  • 20 Google Forms (one for each review)
  • tutorial video on grading in Google Forms
Provided are 2 tracker sheets:
  1. One displays which standards are included in each mixed review.
  2. The other includes all the standards with a space for you to write the names of the students in your class. As you encounter each standard, you can use the list to either check off when each student masters that standard, or use it to indicate students who have NOT mastered that standard.