2D Figures Test (Digital)

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This digital test pack assesses 2D Figures - quadrilaterals and triangles.
This test is aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence Unit 5: 2D Figures. It is also aligned with Common Core.

Standards included: 5.G.3, 5.G.4

What You Get

  • a paperless version of a pre- and post-test for the created with Google Forms™ (these provide immediate scoring and data analysis, and can be exported to Google Sheets™),
  • study guides in a PDF file as well as a paperless version in Google Slides™ to help students prepare for the post-test
  • paperless goals sheets in Google Slides™ for your students to track their growth from the beginning of the unit to the end
  • a video tutorial on how to use the product and implement it in Google Classroom™

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