5th Grade Math Curriculum Map *Updated with NEW Georgia Math Standards*

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Use this free 5th Grade Math Curriculum Map to plan out all of your math units for Common Core State Standards as well as the new Georgia K-12 Math Standards for 5th grade.

You’ll get a printable version laid out into units that are organized weekly, as well as an editable digital version that can be customized and adapted to fit your school or classroom’s needs.

The scope and sequence follows 7 total math units and there are TWO versions of the curriculum map:

You'll receive a zip file with each of them; each file has clickable pages that will take you to a Google Sheets file with the digital version and require you to create a copy into your Google Drive. 

In the Google Sheet, there are 3 worksheets at the bottom of the screen for each curriculum.  

Do you need resources to help you teach every single standard?  Check out my 5th Grade Year-Long Curriculum Bundle options.

Download the curriculum map to get your free copy.

The Google Sheet includes 3 tabs for each curriculum version:

  • Year-long overview:  each unit organized by week with dates for the current school year (the dates and skills can be edited to match your schedule)
  • Quarterly overview by week:  the tab is organized into 4 quarters, each showing suggested skills and standards for each week and unit.  
  • Quarterly overview by week with links:  this tab has clickable links in case you’re looking for resource suggestions to teach each of the skills.  

Here's what you'll get:

  • Printable curriculum map organized into quarters
  • Digital curriculum map in Google Sheets with various layouts in the tabs at the bottom (editable)

Are you overwhelmed with trying to figure out what to teach?  If so, this is for you.  

If you’re looking for an already-organized, clearly laid out year-long scope and sequence, but you want to adapt it to your own needs?  If you answered yes, then this is perfect for you.  

Save yourself some time while you gear up for a new school year, or help yourself get back on track during the year with this clear, concise, and customizable 5th Grade Math Curriculum Map.


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