Coordinate Code: A Fun Project for 1 and 4 Quadrant Coordinate Grids

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Get your students engaged with this fun, interactive project that will have your students practice plotting and locating ordered pairs on a 1 or 4-quadrant coordinate grid. They will do this by plotting the entire alphabet along with popular punctuation symbols onto either a 1-quadrant or 4-quadrant coordinate plane.

They will then plan a secret message to send to a friend and write out the entire message in coordinate code using their grids. Their friend will have to solve their message using the ordered pairs that were plotted on the coordinate grid.

The project has two versions to allow for differentiation:
  • 1-quadrant version
  • 4-quadrant version.
Both the printable format and the digital format include grading rubrics.

Google Classroom option: if your school is 1:1 with technology, you can use the Google Classroom version of this product. You can assign both versions from the Google Sheets files provided as well as grade all projects with the digital project rubric in Google Sheets. It’s even formatted to total up all the points while you enter them! Save yourself some time!

Standards: 5.G.1, 6.NS.6c

What You Get

2 Versions (1-quadrant and 4-quadrant):

  • printable version and digital version in Google
  • grading rubric for printable copy
  • project grading rubric in Google Sheets – simply add in the values for each grading area and it will calculate a grade for you!

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