What Am I? Important Things/Events in History - 4th Grade {Digital & Printable}

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This game is intended to be used to review all of the important things/events in history from the French and Indian War to Reconstruction.

There is a printable and digital version.

The game includes a playing card that lists clues to reveal important things/events in history. The things/events listed are specific to the Social Studies Georgia Performance Standards key people for 4th grade and is a great test prep review for standardized testing.

How To Play {Printable}
1. Cut apart each of the cards of people so that they are like playing cards.
2. Shuffle the cards and turn them upside down in a pile.
3. Separate your class into teams (however many you would like – I prefer 2, but you can do more)
4. Choose a player from the first group to come up and read the clues to their team. They finish with, “Who am I?” and their team must guess the answer. If someone from their team guesses correctly, that team gets 2 points. If they are wrong, the next team up has a chance to get 1 point if they answer correctly. If they get it correct, they still get their turn next. If they were incorrect when trying to earn the point, the next group in order (if there are more than 2 teams) will get their chance to get a point. Continue playing in this way until you have completed all of the cards.
5. Whichever team has the most points at the end, wins.

Tips for Digital Use:
  • assign the slideshow to students so that they can review key terms
  • use in class or on Zoom by presenting the slideshow (the first slide has the clues and the second slide reveals the answer)

What You Get

There are 48 things/events (48 cards and Google Slides) and there is an extra blank page/slide in case you have more things/events you would like to add. The answer for each thing/event is located on the same card as the clues so that the person reading the card has the answer.

Things/Events included:  French and Indian War, 1765 Stamp Act, “no taxation without representation”, Sons of Liberty, Daughters of Liberty, Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, Declaration of Independence, American Revolution, Articles of Confederation, Constitutional Convention, The Great Compromise, Three-Fifths Compromise, slavery, The Bill of Rights, War of 1812, Trail of Tears, Battle of Little Bighorn, The Alamo, Oregon Trail, Gold Rush, Louisiana Purchase, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, John Brown’s Raid, 13th Amendment, 14th Amendment, 15th Amendment, Freedmen’s Bureau, Jim Crow laws, sharecropping, natural rights, federal powers, state powers, shared powers, representative democracy, checks and balances, separation of powers, steamboat, steam locomotive, telegraph, cotton gin, Constitution, Preamble, incentive, specialization, opportunity cost, voluntary exchange, trade

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